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The CRM Alliance has updated the “Charter on Critical Raw Materials Policy”, first developed in 2018, to better reflect the current geopolitical and regulatory context.

This charter outlines core actions that the European Union should implemented when addressing Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) and seeks to guide policymakers on further action.

Download the Charter here.

CRMs in Phones Fact Sheet

CRMs in Airplanes Fact Sheet

CRM Alliance Position on Trade Policy

A Short Intro to the ProSUM Project (WEEE Forum)

International Cooperation in Raw Materials (2015)

Final Report: Minventory - EU Raw Materials Statistics (2015)

China's Mineral Industry & U.S. Access to Strategic & Critical Minerals

Assessing Resource Depletion in LCA: a Review of Methods

CRMs in Cars Fact Sheet

CRM Alliance at Global Antimony Conference 2018

Joint Statement of MEP Interest Group on CRMs

Critical Materials, by Cees Ronda (Phillips Research)

CRM Alliance General Position Statement (2015)

Trade in Commodities: Obstacles to Trade & Illegal Trade (2015)

Recovery of Rare Earths from Electronic Wastes

CRMs: Key to Innovation, Competitiveness & Economic Growth

CRMs in Medical Devices Fact Sheet 

Securing Critical Raw Materials for Europe - Dr. Martin Tauber

Phosphorus & the Circular Economy (EcoPhos)

CRMs in the Circular Economy - Dr. Martin Tauber

Assessment of the Methodology on the list of CRMs (2015)

Mining Critical Raw Materials in Europe: Towards 2020 (2015)

Strengthening of European Rare Earths Supply Chain

Critical Materials Profiles


CRMs in Satellites Fact Sheet

JRC Background report on CRMs and the circular economy (2017)

CRMs & the Circular Economy - a Downstream Perspective

Rare Earths, Cobalt & Electric Vehicles (AVERE)

Post CRM Day Report - The Impact of REACH on Borates

Post CRM Day Report - CRMs & Trade Policy (2015)

Potential Life Cycle Assessment for Supporting the Management of CRMs

Including Resource Security of Supply in LCA: a proposal (2014)

Critical Materials for the Transition to a 100% Sustainable Energy Future

Trade in Critical Raw Materials: Main Challenges (2013)

Five Criteria to Identify Relevant Product Measures for Resource Efficiency

The European Union's Raw Materials Strategy (2011)

Critical Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications (2011)

Raw Materials in Search of Sustainability by Martin Tauber

US-Japan-EU Trilateral Workshop on CRMs (2013)

Rare Earth Elements & Recycling Possibilities (2013)

Critical Minerals: the EU Perspective (2012)

Critical Materials Strategy


Raw Materials Briefing


OECD Workshop on Raw Materials (2009)

Critical Materials: Present Danger to U.S. Manufacturing

Critical Metals in the Path Towards the Decarbonisation of the EU Energy Sector

Raw Materials for Europe: European Innovation Partnership

Assessing Rare Metals as Supply-Chain Bottlenecks in Low-Carbon Energy Technologies

Access to CRMs: A U.S. Perspective (2011) 

Raw Materials Initiative


Study on Critical Raw Materials at EU Level Final Report

Life Cycle Assessment & Criticality of Raw Materials

Future Metals Demand from Photovoltaic Cells & Wind Turbines

Tackling the Challenges in Commodity Markets on Raw Materials

Report on Critical Raw Materials

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