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Previous Events

Webinar 26.9.2023.png

The CRM Act and Europe’s strategic industries: How do CRMs support the EU’s defence agenda?

26 September 2023



CRM Day 2023 on CRMs in the defence sector.

Special Action Webinar 1 February.png

The Essential Use Concept

01 January 2022



Special Action Webinar discussing the Essential Use Concept and its implications on the CRM industry

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EU Taxonomy

24 February 2021



Webinar discussing the EU Taxonomy and its impact on the CRMs industry

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 15.45.15.png

Industry & Trade

30 June 2020



CRM Alliance conference discussing critical raw materials in industrial & trade policy

Webinar 21 September 2022-4.png

Diversifying CRM Supply Chains

21 September 2022



CRM Day 2022 on diversifying supply chains and boosting trade partnerships in CRMs.

Webinar 22 September.png

Due Diligence
& Corporate 

22 September 2021



Webinar discussing the impact of new Due Diligence & Corporate Governance rules on critical raw materials value chains

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 15.27.31.png

Circular Economy

24 November 2020



Webinar discussing challenges and oppertunities related to recycling CRMs

Webinar 23 March 2021.png

Sustainable Products Initiative

23 March 2022



CRM Day on the Sustainable Products Initiative and its impact on CRM value chains

Webinar 21 April.png

New Industrial & Trade Policy

21 April 2021



Webinar discussing the role of CRMs in the EU's New Industrial Strategy & Trade Policy

eu crm list and action plan (2)-page-001

CRM Action Plan

23 September 2020



CRM Alliance webinar addressing the 2020 CRM List & Action Plan

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