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What Is Titanium And Where Do I Use It?

  • Titanium (element symbol Ti – number 22 on the periodic table) is a strong, grey metal and is highly resistant to corrosion. The metal also has a high melting point.

  • Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter. The metal is also twice as strong as aluminum, but also 60% heavier.

  • Titanium metal grows naturally and abundantly, but not in pure form. It is the fourth rarest element on our planet. The material can be find in the earth's crust, water, in rocks and stones, and in minerals.

  • Titanium ores are often refined into Titanium dioxide (TiO2), which has a high light-scattering ability. It imparts whiteness, opacity and brightness of many products and is therefore often used in white paint, paper, rubber or plastic.

  • Titanium started to be used in paint as a substitute for lead.

  • The metal is often used in medical implants.


Where is Titanium Produced?

  • China is world’s biggest titanium producer, followed by Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, the United States, Ukraine and India.


How much does it cost?

  • Estimates for the price of titanium in 202 range between $50-$53 per kg. 


Specific Issues for Titanium

  • Extraction process of titanium is fairly time-consuming and expensive. It is, however, easy to manipulate afterwards.

  • Titanium is lightweight, corrosion resistant, erosion resistant, stress resistant and pitting resistant



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