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Provisional agreement on the Critical Raw Materials Act reached

On the evening of 13 November, the Council and European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the Critical Raw Materials Act.

The following points were included in the compromise agreement:

  • Benchmarks: The provisional agreement specifies that the EU should have the capacity to extract 10%, process 40%, and recycle 25% of its annual consumption of strategic raw materials by 2030.

  • Recycling: Policymakers are committed to progressively take into account waste to determine recycling objectives.

  • Strategic projects: The agreement extends their scope to also include projects focusing on the production of materials that substitute strategic raw materials.

  • Critical and Strategic raw materials: The agreement adds aluminium and synthetic graphite to the lists.

The informal agreement now needs to be approved by both Parliament and Council in order to become law. It will be put to a vote in the Industry, Research and Energy committee on the 7th of December.

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