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Net-Zero Industry Act

On 16 March, the European Commission published the Net-Zero Industry Act.

With this initiative, the EU aims to create better conditions to set up projects and to attract investments for the clean energy transition in Europe.

The proposed legislation addresses technologies that will make a significant contribution to decarbonisation including:

  • solar photovoltaic and solar thermal

  • onshore wind and offshore renewable energy

  • batteries and storage

  • heat pumps and geothermal energy

  • electrolysers and fuel cells

  • biogas/biomethane

  • carbon capture, utilisation and storage

  • grid technologies

Other “net zero” technologies, such as sustainable alternative fuels technologies or advanced technologies to produce energy from nuclear processes with minimal waste, are also supported to a different degree.

In terms of concrete measures, the Act foresees streamlined permitting processes for net-zero technology manufacturing projects and time limit on the permit-granting processes.

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