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Member States reach agreement on CRM Act

On 30 June, the Council adopted its position on the CRM Act, a Regulation establishing a framework to ensure a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials. The CRM Act proposes a comprehensive set of actions to ensure said objective, including a list of strategic materials, shorter permitting timelines and new strategic partnerships, among other actions.

The Council's position raises the level of ambition for recycled and processed raw materials, reinforces sustainability criteria, adapts the process of granting permits and explores Member States' obligations. More specifically, the Member States agreed on making the following changes to the Commission's proposal:

  • Raising the level of ambition for processing and recycling capacity, from 40 to 50% for processing and from 15 to 20% for recycling.

  • Adding Bauxite/Alumina/Aluminium to the strategic raw materials list.

  • Updating of the list of critical and strategic raw materials at least every three years, instead of every four years.

  • Reinforcing national measures on sustainability and circularity.

  • Allowing Member States to designate one or several contact points, instead of one.

  • Facilitating permit procedures for strategic projects.

  • Ensuring the smooth operation of the internal market through stricter monitoring obligations concerning competition and the free movement of raw materials.

  • Clarifying the roles of the Critical Raw Materials Board.

Negotiations with the European Parliament on the final adoption of the CRM Act will begin once the Parliament approves their position. The vote in plenary is expected to take place in September/October.


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