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Euroalliages’ 2050 Vision for a sustainable and competitive European economy

Euroalliages, the European association of ferro-alloy and silicon producers and represents almost 100% of European production, has released their 2050 Vision on how the European ferro-alloy and silicon sector will contribute to achieving the EU’s 2050 climate goals. The document shows the commitment of Euroalliages’ members to establish a sustainable and competitive European economy.

Ferro-alloys and silicon are key elements in the integrated low-carbon value chains and play a strategic role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emission. European producers have the lowest carbon footprint in the world; however, they often face unfair international competition. To keep the European ferro-alloy and silicon sector competitive, Euroalliages has outlined a couple of policy actions and calls on policymakers to create a supportive regulatory framework enabling its producers to remain in Europe and take part in a sustainable future.

You can read Euroalliages complete 2050 Vision here. An executive summary is available here.


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