CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter Winter Edition 2021

The CRM Alliance has published their Winter Quarterly Newsletter reporting on members activities and recent EU policy developments.

In this issue:

CRM Alliance Updates:

  • CRM Alliance hosts webinar

  • BeST BeResponsible webinar and new website

  • Cobalt Institute New Head of Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability

  • Euro Alliages 2050 Vision

  • Vanitec will hosts its 100th Meeting

  • IMA report on Life Cycle and monthly newsletter

  • JSW receives supports from Polish government

  • Indium Corporation receives award

  • Beta writes column for CRM Alliance

  • MMTA 2021 Conference

  • T.I.C. Open Letter and 2020 Annual Review

  • Amerocap speaks at CRM Alliance webinar


  • ERMA launches first cluster

  • Commission 2021 Work Programme

  • Sustainable Batteries Regulation

  • EU adopts Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

  • Member States agree on GHG emissions reduction target

  • Results of the open consultation session of EU’s Trade Policy review

  • A Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in Europe

  • Australia intensifies trade talks with the EU

  • EU draft Taxonomy delegated act largely contested

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