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CRM Alliance hosts reception in the European Parliament on the CRM Act

On 28 March, the CRM Alliance had the pleasure to hold a reception in the European Parliament, co-hosted by MEP Lukas Mandl and MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne to discuss the CRM Act.

We were honoured to have an exchange of views with our guests, CRM Alliance Members and other industry stakeholders, as well as interested policymakers.

Our Secretary General, Rebecca Lentini shared the CRM Alliance's first messages on the CRM Act:

  • The need to integrate the critical and strategic raw materials in broader legislation to ensure a coherent legislative framework, in order to create a favorable investment environment in the EU.

  • Providing a flexible framework in terms of sourcing, processing and recycling, taking into account the different materials' value chains and supporting EU competitiveness.

  • Strengthening Strategic Partnerships and de-risking investments for European companies looking to invest inside the EU and abroad, while encouraging the social and environmental sustainability of partner countries.

We sincerely thank MEP Mandl and MEP Vedrenne for their hospitality and look forward to continue these discussions.


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