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CRM Alliance Holds Webinar on 2020 CRM List

On 23 September, the Critical Raw Materials Alliance hosted its second virtual conference with great success. The ‘How will the EU build resilient raw materials supply chains?’ webinar discussed the EU 2020 Critical Raw Materials List and Action Plan aiming to make the EU less vulnerable to risks related to imports from third countries.

Raw materials markets have never faced so many challenges simultaneously: COVID-19, the decline of multilateralism, climate change, just to name a few. During the webinar, EU experts analysed the current state-of-play and provided answers to these rising challenges.

The Expert Panel included Milan Grohol from the European Commission, Martyna Perek from the Permanent Representation of Poland and Roland Gauß from EIT RawMaterials. This panel offered different perspectives on the update of the CRM list and the introduction of a new Action Plan for raw materials in Europe.

The panel was moderated by CRM Alliance Secretary General Maurits Bruggink.

To read a full report of the event, please on the link below:

CRM September Webinar Report 2020
Download PDF • 227KB


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