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Commission Publishes Circular Economy Package

This week the European Commission published its long-awaited circular economy package, including a communication.

Specifically on CRMs the Commission intends to do the following:

  • The Commission will take a series of actions to encourage recovery of critical raw materials, and prepare a report including best practices and options for further action.

  • The Commission is also encouraging action by Member States on this topic in its revised proposals on waste.

Furthermore, the Commission will:

  • Report on critical raw materials and the circular economy – by 2017 (Annex)

  • Improve exchange of information between manufacturers and recyclers on electronic products – 2016 onwards (Annex)

  • European standards for material-efficient recycling of electronic waste, waste batteries and other relevant complex end-of-life products – 2016 onwards (Annex)

  • Sharing of best practice for the recovery of critical raw materials from mining waste  and landfills – by 2017 (Annex)


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