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Commission Calls on Member States to Strengthen European Defences Against Unfair Trade

Today, the European Commission adopted its communication, entitled: ‘Towards a robust trade policy for the EU in the interest of jobs and growth’. In its communication the Commission outlined how a new anti-dumping methodology, which the Commission intends to propose, would be used to address situations where market conditions do not prevail, whilst dealing with the forthcoming changes to the legal framework of the World Trade Organisation. According to the Commission, the adoption of the changes proposed in its communication would allow the EU to impose higher anti-dumping duties, in particular where there are massive production overcapacities in exporting countries. Moreover, the newly envisaged anti-dumping methodology would also allow the EU to capture true market distortions linked to state intervention in third countries which mask the true extent of dumping practices.

To read the communication, please click here.


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