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ITRE adopts report on a European Strategy for Critical Raw Materials

On 28 September, the ITRE Committee adopted the report "A European Strategy for Critical Raw Materials", led by MEP Hildegard Bentele (EPP, Germany). The report was adopted with 59 votes to 2 and 13 abstentions.

The report included compromise amendments of the following topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities

  • Specify of the mining sector

  • CRM and beyond/future demand

  • EU (financial) instruments and actions

  • ERMA

  • Supply chains

  • Building secondary markets

  • Industrial waste processing and recycling

  • Collection systems, product design and substitution

  • Sustainable sourcing from the EU

  • Expertise and skills

  • Trade, partnerships and agreements

  • Imports and sustainable sourcing in 3rd countries

While the overall report is positive, and identifies important challenges for the CRM industry, there are a few debatable statements relating to mandatory recycling targets and substitution.

The following articles are interesting to mention:

Compromise 3.2. further notes the favourable circumstances for low-emission and sustainable mining activities in the EU and asks to further explore sourcing possibilities in CRM rich Member States

Compromise 5.8f. Calls on the Commission to propose science-based sustainability criteria for defining what constitutes a sustainable investment in the mining sector under the Taxonomy Regulation

Compromise 11.19b. Notes the opportunity for the development of battery value chain from the responsible and sustainable sourcing of CRMs, such as graphite, cobalt and lithium, from new projects in Europe;

Next steps: the report will be voted at the Plenary in November 2021.


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