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CRM-A submits comments to Critical Raw Materials Act

Last week, the CRM Alliance submitted their comments to the public consultation regarding the Critical Raw Materials Act, which is expected to be launched on Q1 2023.

The CRM Act, which was announced by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during the State of the European Union address, will aim to reinforce EU monitoring capacities and strengthen both the EU value chain – through the identification of mineral resources and raw materials projects in the EU's strategic interest, with strong environmental protection – and EU external policies on CRMs.

Within its response to the public consultation, the CRM Alliance takes issue with the following topics:

  • Expediting permitting processes

  • International sourcing

  • Realistic recycling initiatives

  • Investment framework for CRMs

  • Strategic vs. critical raw materials

  • Consistent and coherent CRM policy

To read the position paper, click below.

CRM-A position paper CRM Act
Download PDF • 144KB


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