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The Cobalt Institute Publishes New Responsible Sourcing Website is now live!

The Cobalt Institute (CI) has launched a new website dedicated to its Cobalt Industry Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF) to inform companies about the sustainability of their cobalt supply chain.

Cobalt is an essential element for many important applications, and the demand is increasing significantly. However, the cobalt supply chain is often exposed to social and environmental challenges. Downstream users of cobalt need to be assured that the materials they use are responsibly sourced and produced. helps companies to address these concerns related to the sustainability of their supply chains. The website is an information hub and showcases best practices in responsible sourcing and production.

The Cobalt Institute is a trade association composed of producers, users, recyclers, and traders of cobalt and promotes the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt. They created CIRAF to answer the sustainability concerns of customers and stakeholders related to the cobalt value chain.

More information is available here.

You can access the website here.


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