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EP Plenary adopts Report on Critical Raw Materials

On 24 November, during the European Parliament's plenary session, MEPs voted in favour of MEP Hildegard Bentele's report on "a European Strategy for critical raw materials". The report was adopted by 543 votes to 52 and 94 abstentions.

After intense discussions, the report was published for a vote with 81 amendments that take issue with the following areas:

  • Challenges and opportunities

  • Strategic autonomy and resilience

  • Closing mineral loops

  • Sourcing from the EU

  • Diversification

There are certain amendments worth highlighting for their recognition of the limitations of CRM recycling (Am.1), the inclusion of CRMs in the national resilience and recovery plans (Am.8), and a call on the Commission to focus on securing supplies of CRMs in the EU by encouraging Member States to carry out strategic stockpiling (Am.21).

Moreover, the report notes the importance of domestic sourcing and the role of Member States in increasing the sustainable domestic supply of CRMs from primary and secondary sources (Am.48), as well as the Commission's role in prioritising CRM extraction from existing domestic mines (Am.62).

To read the full report, please click here.


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