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CRM Alliance welcomes new member: Tertiary Minerals

The CRM Alliance welcomes Tertiary Minerals as a representative of the critical material fluorspar.

Tertiary Minerals’ aim is to add value to the Group’s mineral projects through the discovery of mineral resources and to become a reliable long-term and competitive supplier of fluorspar to world markets. The strategy is to acquire and develop large fluorspar deposits located to established infrastructure and markets in stable, democratic and mining friendly jurisdictions.

Mineral development is a high-risk business and as a result Tertiary seeks projects in countries with low levels of corruption and political risk. This helps satisfy the Company’s potential customers’ needs to demonstrate that their fluorspar raw materials are ethically sourced with minimum chance of political interference or supply disruption.

Tertiary Minerals holds an exploration licence covering a major deposit of fluorspar near Storuman in the Västerbottens district of Northern Sweden. Tertiary controls an estimated four million tonnes of fluorspar across its two Scandinavian projects (Storuman in Sweden and Lassedalen in Norway).

For further information about Tertiary Minerals, please click here.


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