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CRM Alliance to speak at Argus European Light Metals 2015

Martin Tauber, President of the CRM Alliance, has been invited to speak about “Criticality of Magnesium, Silicon and Manganese in Europe, and the CRM Alliance’s Role as a Policy Advocate” at the Argus European Light Metals 2015 Conference to be held on 3-4 November in Duesseldorf, Germany. Tauber will highlight that alloying elements are essential for reaching competitive properties, such as strength, corrosion resistance and processing parameters, and that substitution efforts can significantly weaken the Al industry. Furthermore, alloying elements require equal consideration when it comes to sustainable sourcing and resource efficiency.

At the request of the industry, Argus Media will launch this two day event, which will bring together global industry executives involved with light metals, including Aluminium, Magnesium, Silicon metal and Manganese. At such an important time of year, this conference will provide the perfect platform for delegates to meet and conclude business, while offering the opportunity to learn how the markets will evolve over the coming years. With the consolidation of the silicon market, and magnesium prices in China at an 11 year low, this conference will bring together traders, producers and consumers, to address the impact of these market developments, and the broader influence of the aluminium alloy industry.  The manganese metal market will also be covered, with a focus on supply dynamics and steel industry consumption trends, while experts in the scrap market will discuss growth patterns in secondary aluminium. The two day agenda will cover the individual metal markets supply / demand balance and future outlook, key drivers and challenges in the markets, as well as the future of consumption for light metals.

For further information about the conference, please click here.

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