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CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter – Winter Edition

In this issue:

CRM Alliance updates

  • The CRM Alliance releases its Charter

  • CRM DAY – “Transitioning to a low carbon and energy efficient economy: Battery Raw Materials vs CRMs behind the scene”

  • Campaign to promote and not substitute CRMs

  • 2019 The Cobalt Conference to take place in Hong Kong

  •  T.I.C. Annual Review 2018

  • Save the Date for The MedTech Forum 2019

  • JSW President awarded for safety in mining

  • MMTA’s November Crucible released

  • Fertilizers Europe unveils vision for the future

  • Global manufacturers head to Birmingham for Magnesium Conference

CRM News

  • The need for strong CRM supply chains confirmed at the EU Raw Materials Week

  • Preparing for the 2020 EU CRM List

  • EU Industry Days – Do not forget to register

  • Challenging Chemical Regulatory Environments ahead

  • RoHS Pack 15 – Consultation on the RoHS Draft Methodology released

  • H2020 topics on Raw Materials open for submission proposal

  • New Framework for EU research and innovation

  • New targets for Energy Efficiency

  • EU to present proposal to modernise the WTO

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