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CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn/Winter Edition (2016)

In this issue:

  • CRM Day 2016 – CRMs & the Circular Economy: One of the Five Priority Areas

  • MEP Interest Group on Critical Raw Materials Launches Joint Statement

  • CRM Delegation Presents Position on Trade Policy

  • CRM Alliance President Speaks at 18th Metallurgy & Materials Congress

  • EU Files WTO Panel Request against Chinese Export Restrictions

  • Workshop on REACH & Acceptable Level of Risk to Workers & Consumers

  • Council Agrees Negotiating Position on Trade Defence Instruments

  • EU Commission Publishes Defence Action Plan

  • CRM Profile: Indium

  • CRM Profile: Rare Earths

  • CRM Profile: Coking Coal

  • Superalloys – Made possible by tantalum and niobium

  • JRC Report on Raw Materials in the European Defence Industry

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