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CRM-A updates its Charter on Critical Raw Materials Policy

The CRM Alliance has updated the “Charter on Critical Raw Materials Policy”, first developed in 2018, to better reflect the current geopolitical and regulatory context. This charter outlines core actions that the European Union should implemented when addressing Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) and seeks to guide policymakers on further action.

The charter features a total of 10 principles that the CRM Alliance deems fundamental to ensure the uninterrupted supply of these materials, essential to Europe’s economy and to drive future innovation.

Each principle identifies challenges associated with CRMs and potential solutions to implement.

  • Principle 1 - Sustainable Sourcing & Due Diligence

  • Principle 2 - Expediting Permitting Processes

  • Principle 3 - Increasing Recycling Initiatives and end-of-life sorting technologies

  • Principle 4 - Common Framework for Investment in CRM Production

  • Principle 5 - Consistent and Coherent CRM Policy across EU Institutions and Member States

  • Principle 6 - Supply Chain Approach

  • Principle 7 - Global Free and Fair Trade

  • Principle 8 - Market based approach towards Substitution of CRMs

  • Principle 9 - Awareness Raising Initiatives

  • Principle 10 - R&D on New Technologies

To download the Charter, please click below.

CRM Charter May 2022
Download PDF • 985KB


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