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Commission launches alliances for semiconductors and industrial cloud technologies

On 19 July, the European Commission launched two new Industrial Alliances: the Alliance for Processors and Semiconductor technologies, and the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud.

The objective of the alliances is to advance the next generation of microchips and industrial cloud/edge computing technologies and provide the EU with the capabilities needed to strengthen its critical digital infrastructures, products and services. They will bring together businesses, Member State representatives, academia, users, research and technology organisations.

Alliance for Processors and Semiconductor technologies

The Alliance aims to establish the design and manufacturing capacity required to produce the next generation of trusted processors and electronic components (i.e. moving production capacity of 16 nanometre (nm) to 10nm nodes as well as below 5 to 2 nm and beyond).

  • It will identify and address current bottlenecks, needs and dependencies across the industry.

  • It will define technological roadmaps ensuring that Europe has the capacity to design and produce the most advanced chips while reducing its overall strategic dependencies by increasing its share of the global production of semiconductors to 20% by 2030.

To join the Alliance, click here.

European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud

The Alliance will promote the emergence of disruptive cloud and edge technologies that are highly secure, energy and resource-efficient and fully interoperable, fostering trust for cloud users across all sectors. It will serve the specific needs of EU citizens, businesses, and the public sector to process highly sensitive data. The work of the Alliance will respect the following key principles:

  • Highest standards in terms of interoperability and portability/reversibility, openness and transparency;

  • Highest standards in terms of data protection, cybersecurity, and data sovereignty;

  • State of the art in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability;

  • Compliance with European cloud best practices, including through adherence to relevant standards, codes of conduct and certification schemes.

To join the Alliance, click here.


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