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CRM Alliance welcomes new member: Beta Technology Limited

The CRM Alliance welcomes Beta Technology Limited as a representative of the critical material niobium.

Beta Technology Limited (Beta) is a privately owned, independent business and innovation consultancy firm based in the UK and with activity in Europe, Brazil and Australia. The company was formed out of the University of Sheffield 30 years ago as a metallurgy consultancy with particular emphasis on steel and the uses of niobium. Since then the company has delivered a number of knowledge exchange projects, successfully interfacing with academia, industry and policy makers at a national and international level. Working across a number of sectors, including environmental science, agriculture, transport and materials science.

Beta has operated at a European level for over 20 years having been the National Contact Point for a number of the thematic areas of the EU’s research Framework Programmes. The company has participated and continues to do so in European collaborative projects supporting aspects such as management, dissemination and exploitation actions. The company has been associated with niobium since its formation in 1984, and Beta has supported CBMM – Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração, the world’s largest producer of niobium products and technology during this time. Their role is to support CBMM’s research and dissemination agenda.

Beta continues to work in the materials sector and has a number of associates with a metallurgy background. The company also provides around 60 experts to the EC to monitor the large scale collaborative projects from the EU’s research Framework Programme 7 in the nano, micro and production thematic area. Beta has previously worked with UK government to develop the rationale, strategy, business plan and implementation for three national centres of excellence; National Metals Technology Centre (Namtec); Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies (Cenex); Centre of Excellence for Integrated Transport Systems (innovITS).

For further information about Beta Technology Limited, please click here


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