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CRM-A webinar on EU Taxonomy

On 24 February, the CRM Alliance organized its first webinar of 2021 discussing the EU taxonomy regulation and its impact on the CRM industry.

Our panel of experts included Peter Handley, Head of Unit Energy Intensive Industries and Raw Materials at DG Grow, Marzia Traverso, Rapporteur of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the European Platform on Sustainable Finance, and Cristina Cadarso, Manager of Environment and Sustainable Development & Energy for Spain at Ferroglobe.

Throughout the webinar, our panel of experts highlighted the importance of keeping investments flowing towards the mining and extractive industries

and warned for the risk of high and unfeasible targets leading to internal market disruptions due to unfair foreign subsidies.

To access a full report summerizing the main takeaways from our webinar, please use the link below:

Report CRM-A webinar 24 February 2021_11
Download • 424KB


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